About Us

There are people out there who don't like the water. Crazy, we know. The Chafe-Free guys at DryFins have been water lovers from birth. Andy grew up in upstate New York, spending summers at lakes in the Adirondacks, vacationing at Lake Winnipasaukee and once a year trips to the coast of South Carolina. He has spent the last year or so testing DryFins as many times as possible in the Caribbean. Craig is Mississipian by birth, with trips up and down the coast of the Gulf of Mexico with his family growing up, and several years living in the South Carolina low country. He's a cruising veteran who loves Hawaii and all islands.

Pinning down their favorite part of spending time on the water is hard - but their least favorite is easy; the painful chafe from a wet swimsuit. No bueno. After another vacation of lugging their kids' pails and chairs to the beach that led to the inevitable chafe-waddle, they figured there had to be a better solution than wearing underwear under the suit or slathering on a bunch of petroleum jelly. Craig put needle to thread (well, to be honest it was his grandmother) and came up with the first pair. Which worked so good the guys decided to make more. This time at a factory because Grandma doesn't work fast enough. They also designed a few cool looking t-shirts because of the whole 'no shirt-no service' rule at most places.

Chafe-Free All Day