All About Board Shorts

All About Board Shorts

What They Are & When You Should Wear Them

Board shorts are typically used by surfers to wear on their surfboards, however, they can also be worn as both swim and casual wear. They are a bit longer than swim trunks because they usually come down past the knee, and are one of the most popular swimwear options out there for the beach or pool.

What Are Board Shorts Made Out Of?


Board shorts are generally made from strong, smooth polyester material that is designed to be quick-drying, lightweight, and comfortable. No wonder these board shorts are becoming a staple in almost every guy’s summer wardrobe.


Sometimes, board shorts are also made out of nylon fabric that is moisture-wicking so water doesn’t soak through the fabric. This material is durable and also holds up to wear and tear from contact with a surfboard, yet is still well-adapted to use in various active watersports.

Why & When You Should Wear Board Shorts

The main reason why you should wear board shorts is because they help keep your legs from chafing against the surfboard since they are longer than regular swimming shorts. But on a more casual note, a lot of guys wear board shorts when they’re swimming or lounging around by the pool. For surfing, in particular, board shorts are perfect for beginners to minimize skin chafing and irritation. Board shorts also don’t irritate your leg hair when out in the water, and they’re equipped with pockets for land use—you can even sport them during a night on the boardwalk with a simple tee.

Men’s and Women’s Styles 

There are multiple different styles of board shorts, and they’re available in tons of cool patterns and color options. The original board shorts design was intended for skateboarders and martial arts competitors, not necessarily for swimmers and surfers. So, they do tend to have a looser fit style as well. Because of this, most females who sport board shorts wear bathing suit bottoms underneath. On the other hand, most men typically wear athletic compression shorts or speedo briefs under their board shorts to protect their skin from irritation instead of going commando or wearing cotton boxers underneath which can actually increase the probability for chafing. For a full guide on what to wear under your swim shorts, check out our blog.

All in all, now you know what board shorts are, what they’re made out of, and why you should wear them. If you would like to learn more about board shorts, check out our other article on the difference between board shorts and swim trunks. Or, if you just want to find some more information about the board shorts we offer, check out our suite of chafe-free trunks for men and boys.

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