I smell like a campfire

I just picked up my daughter from camp. A week in the mountains with no technology. A refreshing week for her I think. An opportunity to rope swing and canoe war and sing songs. It takes me back to my time as a summer camper. We got up every morning at 6 for Polar Bear swim in Three Pound Pond. I spent my days hiking, canoeing and on the archery range. I drank lots of grape bug juice. And looking back I had minimal adult supervision for hours at a time.

I learned a lot those years. How to be semi self-sufficient. How to cook (did you know if you mix ketchup and mustand together you make barbeque sauce?). I learned how to play cards with grown ups. I learned I could swim a mile. I learned how to get a leech off my arm with a lighter. I learned what happens when an outhouse is full. I learned how to work as a group playing capture the flag. And lead a group to win fire building.

Valuable life lessons? Just a kid being a kid. But those years of figuring things out on my own were ones that helped me develop into the Dry Guy I am today. If you have the opportunity, send your kid to camp. No tablet or phone. The only battery powered thing they'll need is a flashlight. They'll look back someday and thank you.

Chafe-Free All Day