No one puts baby in the corner

While New England is not my first choice for living year round (snow allergy), it is fantastic in the summertime. July and August temps in the high 70’s/low 80’s are a great break from where I live in South Carolina.

If you’re looking for something totally different for your family vacation, Tyler Place Family Resort in Vermont is worth a look. We stumbled across it last year while searching for a new summer vacation spot. The reviews were all glowing, which seemed hard to believe, but after being there we can unequivocally say they are all true.

Sitting on the shores of Lake Champlain, TP is the first vacation we’ve taken as a family that is a WHOLE family vacation. Seen the movie Dirty Dancing? It’s kind of like that. Family Camp. Without a young Patrick Swayze. Sorry ladies.

Accommodations are a variety of small homes, cabins and several rooms in the main Inn. Which means you can come as an extended family if you want. Wake up, kids go off with kids their own age and have breakfast with fantastic counselors. You get to have breakfast with your spouse and other adults. Then, you are free to do what you want until after lunch while your kids are swimming, crafting, rock wall climbing and every other camp activity you can think of. They have planned adult activities (kayak trip, bike excursions) or you can grab a seat by the lake and read a book. You and the kids get back together after lunch for an afternoon of togetherness. We went tubing, splashed in a local swimming hole and took a farm tour on various days. Kids go back to their groups for dinner, while you get to dine with grownups. Kids come back at 8:30, thoroughly wiped out and ready for bed. Book one of the counselors to babysit and you can head to the Inn for evening activities, like casino night or trivia night. With only 70 families there every week, you really get to know people. Many who come back year after year the same week.

As Chad Tyler summarizes - “21 meals with no kids” It’s all inclusive (minus alcohol). Locally-sourced fantastic food (maple balsamic dressing, maple ice cream - did I mention lobster night?)

We’re going again this year. Maybe we’ll see you at dinner?

Yours in water,


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