5 Green Boxes

5 Green Boxes
So I was not going to give in to Wordle.
My social feeds were full of people playing it, and being both the contrarian and a sometimes wearer of a tin-foil hat (what info are THEY getting from this?!) I avoided it.
But I love word games.
If you haven’t played yet, you are blind guessing a five letter word. It gives you clues as to what letters you have right. You have six guesses to enter the correct word.
I’m totally into it now.
I start every game with the same word.
Not sure where that came from but it’s worked so far.
They post one a day so it’s not a big time burn. Great while you wait for the kids or to hide in your ‘office’.
Give it a try - my best is two guesses! (Sheer luck)
Dry Guy Andy