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Tales Of A 4th Grade Nothing
I stayed at a VRBO that had a selection of books on a shelf.  I don’t know if this collection was intentional or a mix of books left behind by renters.  There were some good ‘summer readers’ – Grisham and...
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The Essential Beach Trip Packing List
It’s winter. It’s cold. And, a lot of us dream of tropical beaches, sand, surf, and chilly drinks. If you’re lucky enough to turn that dream into a reality, good for you! We’ve put together a beach trip packing list...
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Our Top 8 Gifts for Men | DryFins
8 Ideas for Men’s Beach Gifts Whether you’re shopping for Christmas gift ideas for your tropical vacation, looking for that perfect gift for a birthday, or just because the guy in your life is awesome, we’ve got some great ideas....
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