Make A Splash
Not A Rash

The Better (chafe-free) Bathing Suit


Unleash your beach potential

Say goodbye to painful chafing and hello to endless beach, pool, and lake days. With a 4 plus star rating from thousands of satisfied Dry Guys, you can trust that DryFins are going to make your water day better.

(Drinking out of a coconut also helps)


See What People Are Saying


DryFins are a fantastic solution for my husband and son! We are now able to enjoy a no-tears beach vacation.

Katie G



I like that a SMART company finally put the right kind of fabric and support in a swimsuit.

Paul M



Let me start out by saying “WOW.” You have a great product. DryFins are made out of great material, nice details and the added sling back and stickers are a fantastic tough.

Hollie A



I don't write a lot of Amazon reviews but I'm compelled to write one for this bathing suit. Hands down the most comfortable bathing suit I've ever owned.

Dimitrios P

Amazing—Best swim trunks I have ever owned. I tossed all my old ones into the garbage.

Edgerton Coble

Goodbye, Chafe.
Hello, Adventure.

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