The Dry Guys

DryFins is all about making the Better Bathing Suit – but at its core it’s about two guys who love to travel, be outdoors and spend time with their families.


Co-founder Dry Guy Craig is from the southeast US.  He’s lived in various locations from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf Coast.  His initial idea of the shorts while on his honeymoon in Hawaii has grown into the brand you see today, all because he was tired of dealing with the pain of chafing while at the beach.  Craig loves the soft sand of the Gulf of Mexico and trips to Disney with his kids.


His co-founder Dry Guy Andy grew up in the northeast US.  He spent his youth learning to swim in ponds and lakes across the Adirondacks and New England.  Now living in the southeast as well, Andy met Craig through their previous careers in media.  He shared the same problem as Craig with netting causing discomfort on beach trips.  His vacations tend to be road trips with his wife and kids to quieter, out-of-the-way destinations – Vermont is a family favorite.


The Dry Guys believe that time together with friends and family make life better.  Sharing laughs and conversations.  That is living.  And from their signature shorts, to their cool tees – it’s all about comfort while you hang out in the sand, on the boat or by the pool.