Add More Life

Add More Life

Every once in a while when I do some social media scrolling, I come across a quote that hits me.  Today it was this one:


You can’t add more time to your life, so add more life to your time.


How many of us have had jobs (or careers) where we just go and do what we have to do because it’s what we’ve always done?  And the time speeds by while the enjoyments in life dwindle. 

It’s one of the reasons why I became a Dry Guy!  I was stuck in an office 11+ hours a day.  Sure, I had time on the weekends but I didn’t feel like it was enough to get the stuff I HAD to do done (mow the lawn) along the stuff I WANTED to do (road trips with my kids, taking walks with my wife, hanging out with friends).  Plus, to be honest, the work I was doing was boring.

Am I working less?  No.  But, I have been able to adjust to fit more life into my time.

How about you?  Any ideas on how you might be able to add more life to your time?  And if you’ve succeeded in doing it, would love to hear about how you’ve done it.  Let me know on Facebook or Twitter (@dryfins)


Dry Guy Andy