Aerial America

Have you ever watched Aerial America on Smithsonian Channel?  I am fascinated by places I never thought I would be.

Iowa!  It looks amazing from the air.  The fields, the small towns, the rivers – I feel like I need to plan a trip to the Iowa State Fair someday.

If you’re unfamiliar, Aerial America is a show where they give you a tour of a state (or city) from the air and narrate what they are showing.  Plenty of interesting history tidbits thrown in which helps feed the side of me that loves obscure facts.

Vermont!  My friends know I have a ‘thing’ for the Green Mountain State.  We have road tripped from the Carolinas to Vermont to a family resort up there for years.  But after watching Aerial America I had to make a side trip to see where Calvin Coolidge was born.  (And my kids actually enjoyed it!)

I even learned things about my state that I hadn’t heard before.

Check it out – and if you have any obscure facts to share about where you live, let me know on Twitter or comment on FB and IG (@dryfins)

Dry Guy Andy