And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

In my previous career in media, I spent a lot of time producing commercials.  Thousands and thousands of commercials.  But like you, I don’t like to watch or listen to them now.


Except for last week when my family and I watched 90 STRAIGHT MINUTES OF THEM.


I didn’t get stuck on an infomercial channel or watch race cars plastered with logos.  It was an hour and a half of tv commercials back to back.  Toys, stores, cereal, frozen pizzas and more.


It started when I told my kids about how Wheel of Fortune used to have a ‘room’ of prizes people had to spend their winnings in. 


‘400 for the exercise bike…2-50 for the ceramic dog….’


I found an old episode on You Tube and the four of us watched it.  What my kids got the biggest kick out of was the commercials.  So after we watched it, we looked for classic 80’s commercials.  People have uploaded hours and hours of them strung together.  So there we sat for 90 minutes watching ads for Kmart and Toys R Us and Calgon and the Sidewinder (with stunt shifter!).


What a crazy way to kill time together.  I couldn’t tell if they were impressed or horrified that I could remember some of the jingles.


Check it out.  Watch some old commercials for fun and see what dusty cobwebs get cleaned out of the back of your mind.