Avoid The Oh-fer

Avoid The Oh-fer

I am an early riser.  4:40 am.  I workout from 5 -6.  Typically it’s a run with a friend or a boot camp with a group I am part of (F3 Nation).

I am a big fan of early workouts.  And the reason is simple.  It puts me up 1-0 on the day.

You know how it is – the day starts off with getting kids off to school or checking overnight email or an early in the day meeting.  And all these things can lead to stress or ‘losses’.  And by that I mean a flat tire, an internet outage, a client concern – whatever thing that seems to drag us down.  For me is they seemed to compound and by the end of the day I was feeling a bit battered.  A day without the morning workout means an ‘Oh-fer’ day (as in 0 to all the setbacks).  Can’t be a major leaguer with that average.

But when I start my day with exercise, I get my mind and body moving in a forward positive direction.  I get one win under my belt early.  So no matter how the day progresses, I don’t go scoreless on the day.  Even the bad days have at least one ‘win’, and I know that tomorrow will start the same way. 

So if you’re struggling a bit, consider adding a day or two of early morning movement to your routine.  It isn’t easy to get up at zero dark thirty, but its well worth the effort.


Dry Guy Andy