Big Money Daydreams

Big Money Daydreams

My wife and I love to play the lottery when it’s ‘THE BIG ONE’.  For some reason, 50 million dollars doesn’t get us to stop at the convenience store for a ticket – but if it’s 200 million – count us in!


And we can’t buy the ticket at a store near us.  We have to drive out to a rural four corners because we’ve somehow determined that those are the stores that sell winning tickets.  Now, both of us grew up in rural areas and don’t know any lottery winners so admittedly there is no sound logic involved.  It’s just part of our process.


The best part is daydreaming about what we’d do with the winnings.  I certainly wouldn’t quit my job (being a Dry Guy is pretty cool) but I may do that job from a few different locations.  I dream of a lake house in Vermont or New Hampshire.  My wife wants a house by our friends at the beach.  We could pay cash for our kids’ college – I guess they’d go to college right?  We aren’t going to put them on the payroll forever right?  What about our friends who have jobs?  We will have more free time to hang out.  Do we put them on the payroll as our entourage?


See, we think about world changing stuff.


How about you?  Do you lottery daydream?  Let me know on our socials (@dryfins).


Dry Guy Andy