Book it!

Book it!

I love the beach – but my heart is really all about quiet lakes.  To pass the time this winter, I’ve been clicking through listings on VRBO dreaming about summer dock sitting with a good book. 


I read a variety of business-related books during the year, but when it comes to pleasure reading – I’m pretty one-dimensional.  Action!  Here are my favorite authors to spend time with when I’m recreating:


  • Lee Child – I dig the Jack Reacher series (the movies not so much)
  • Vince Flynn/Kyle Mills – the Mitch Rapp character has been around a long time and I still find him engaging.  International terrorist hunter, righter of wrongs.
  • Brad Taylor – similar to Mitch Rapp is his Pike Logan.
  • Brad Thor – Scot Harvath is like Mitch, who is like Pike.  Sometimes when I read the books from these three around the same time I get confused about what goes with which story.  Which is ok with me btw. 
  • James Rollins – his Sigma Force series mixes action with some science.
  • Daniel Silva – Art restorer Gabriel Allon is also an Israeli spy. 
  • Steve Berry – Cotton Malone is a good character and is a little different than the more military based action of Mitch/Harvath/Logan
  • Clive Cussler – he wrote a ton of books and they can be fairly formulaic, but there are plenty of fun reads for vacations.  I like the Oregon Files series the best.


How about you?  What summer reads do I need to try?  Tweet at us or send us a message on Facebook (@dryfins)


Dry Guy Andy