C is for Cookie

C is for Cookie

Do you have a Crumbl or Insomnia Cookie location near you?  Because this is both exactly what I need and don’t need in my life at the same time.


Fresh baked cookies at 10 o’clock at night.  I mean, come on!  Don’t be trying to tell me you never get a hankering for something like a cookie late at night.  And both of these places are baking until midnight (or later) on the weekends.


Insomnia Cookies is found around a lot of college campuses.  Brilliant.  Get warm cookies delivered while you pull an all-niter.  (If there had been Insomnia Beer back in my days in school it would have been trouble...)


We have a Cumbl right around the corner.  And my daughter knows they post their new cookie flavors every Sunday.  So she updates us then and plans out which ones she wants.  And then brings it up again and again during the week until we cave and pick up a 4-pack. 


If I wouldn’t hear about cookies so much I would maybe STOP THINKNG ABOUT COOKIES!  Because unlike our soccer player (whose metabolism is through the roof) if I eat half a cookie I’m complaining my shorts must have shrunk in the dryer.


Nom Nom Nom

Dry Guy Andy