Chicken Guy

Chicken Guy

Guy Fieri has a new show on the Discovery+ app – have you seen it yet? 


It’s called Chance of a Lifetime.  It’s a two week job interview/reality contest show where the winner gets their own Chicken Guy restaurant franchise.  Not sure how they screened the contestants but I’m having a hard time picking one I see running an actual business.  Unless that’s maybe the point - just bring in personalities to create drama for tv. 


Now as a person who loves to talk business, loves chicken and is a fan of Guy, it has all the elements of something I should love.  But after episode two I can’t connect with anyone on the show outside of his son.  Maybe that’s the plot twist – they just boot everyone off and give it to him.


The show does highlight something I think is important – it’s not as easy as everyone thinks to run a business.  Armchair QBs think they can do it all better than the ones actually doing it.  It’s tough.  Especially in the restaurant space right now.


I’m going to watch to the end – I feel invested now.  The interesting thing for me will be seeing where the winner and the store are a year from now.  Guy is a big name brand to entrust to a novice operator.


Check it out and let me know who you’re pulling for.  @dryfins on IG and Twitter.


Dry Guy Andy