Curtis, Is He Dead?

Curtis, Is He Dead?

Are you a fan of any ‘off-beat’ movies?  And by that I mean ones that may have been box office flops, or ones your friends have only vague recollections of? 

For me, it’s the Steve King written/directed Maximum Overdrive.

Full of questionable dialogue, bad acting and trucks gone wild it’s a family tradition to watch every Halloween.  I own the digital download so I watch it several times a year.  I’ve even gone as far as taking a side trip to see filming locations in Wilmington, NC.  (I also own Dixie Truck Stop and Happy Toys t shirts).

My Spotify playlist has the soundtrack on heavy rotation.  Which isn’t as weird as owning the t shirts because it’s AC DC and there is no fault with listening to them on the regular.

You ever see Maximum Overdrive?  What weird movies are you into?  Let me know on Twitter (@dryfins) or comment on Facebook or Instagram.

Dry Guy Andy