I am a sucker for a float.


Not an A&W Root Beer or an Orange Cream Ale 8-1 –I’m talking sitting my butt in an inflatable for a few hours and going where the river takes me.


We’ve done it a bunch over the last few summers.  Whether on the Green River in Saluda, North Carolina, the New River or just around the corner from me on the Catawba I can’t think of a better way to spend the day than tying up with a few friends and heading down river.


Make sure you bring along a waterproof bag for your phone and water shoes.  A water proof speaker is a great addition – along with an extra tube to carry the cooler.  (What, you thought we were going to float for three hours and get parched?!)


Look for an outfitter that does tubing near you (or on your next trip).  The advantage is the logistics of starting off and ending up back at your car.  We bought our own floats on Amazon and while it saved us some money, it was a little more time intensive figuring out cars at the pull out point to get back home.


Don’t be like me last time and forget to reapply sunscreen often.


If you’ve got a favorite float spot – let me know!  (@dryfins on instagram or twitter)


Dry Guy Andy