Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving week.  First off, thank you for reading this and being a Dry Guy (or gal who buys for their guy).


I’m big on all the side dishes we will be eating on Thursday.  Turkey?  It’s fine.  With lots of gravy.  But my highlight is loading the plate with a bevy of bad-for-me carbs.


When my wife and I got married, we brought some family traditions to the holiday.  Mostly long standing dishes that don’t seem to be on anyone else’s menu.   Her family introduced me to oyster dressing (which I love and she hates).  My family always made creamed onions – small pearl onions in rue - again something I love and she is not a fan of.  In years past my family was big on Black Friday shopping – eating, napping and then going out at midnight to be a part of the hustle and bustle.  The ease of online buys has curtailed that tradition.


So you’ll find me post meal in a pair of flannel pants (stretchy waist) watching football and trying to find room for some of the 5 (!) different pies my daughter is baking. 


Here’s to a great holiday season!