I bought a Bronco

I bought a Bronco

I am not much of a new car guy.  It’s a combination of the depreciation sadness I experience as I pull off the lot along with the fear of the first parking lot scratch.  Either way, we’ve bought used (or demos) for years now.  But I can’t get the new Ford Bronco used (obvi) and I am not waiting until they become used (impatience), so I plunked my money down and ordered one.


If you haven’t seen the new Bronco, it’s a competitor of the Jeep Wrangler.  Top and doors come off and you can hit the road or trail.  I think it’ll be fun – especially in the spring and fall here in the south where those temps I love (mid 70s to mid 80s – or what I call ‘Vermont Summer’) are the norm.  The Blue Ridge Parkway is calling my name for a cruise.


Ours will have a manual transmission.  Which for some reasons sounded like a great idea at the time I wrote the deposit check.  If I’m honest, I actually like driving stick, but it’s been several years since I used one on a regular basis.  One of the reasons I wanted it was to teach my kids how to do it.  A skill that was getting rarer when I learned to drive has become even more so now.  Only 1.1% of cars sold in 2019 had manuals. 


I can’t be the only dad who wants to equip their kids with survivor skills in case of zombie apocalypse right?


How about you – are there any ‘old school’ skills you are imparting on your kids (or grandkids)?  Let me know on Facebook or Twitter (@dryfins)


Dry Guy Andy