I Heart Wegman's

I Heart Wegman's

I drove 3 hours to shop at a grocery store over the weekend.


No, I don’t live that far off the grid.  It was a specific grocery store.




I grew up in central New York.  If you’re from that part of the country you understand why we road trip twice a year to our nearest Wegman’s store.  It’s consistently ranked as one of the best grocery retailers in America. 


The selection, the brands – THE BAKERY.  Are we obsessive?  Without a doubt.  And we aren’t the only ones.  We brought lists other people gave us to shop for them.  My sister, daughter and I are a little Wegman’s distribution empire.


It’s a fun day.  Get up early, enjoy the drive and the lack of traffic while we compare lists to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything and plan how we are going to attack the aisles when we get there.  Upon arrival its game time and carts fill quickly.  We always make sure we pick up some things in the ready-made-food section as a treat afterward (I ate fresh sushi for breakfast when we were done, my daughter a brownie, my sister cold egg rolls).


We pack coolers and anything we need to get it all back home, where people await their delivery.  We're like Santa delivering salt potatoes and half moon cookies to all the good little girls and boys.


Do you have any stores you will drive a long way to shop at?  Let me know on Facebook or Twitter (@dryfins)


Dry Guy Andy