I See Naked People

I See Naked People

My sister got married several years ago on the beach in Negril, Jamaica.

I’ve got a TON of stories from that trip, but the one that stands out the most was the sailboat of 200 naked people who showed up during the ceremony.

The families all stayed at the Beaches Resort, including my daughter who was around 7 at the time.  We had a great few days before the actual ceremony hanging by the beach and floating on the lazy river.  On the day of the wedding, we made our way out onto the soft sand.  Pretty idyllic.  80 degrees with a light breeze and the sound of surf.  Also the sound of distant island music and people having a party.  One that grew louder as the wedding went on. 

Just as they said ‘I do’, the trellis set up by the resort perfectly framed the neighboring Hedonism Resort catamaran going by filled with well hydrated partygoers without a stitch of clothing in sight.

They pulled in closer to wave to all of us and wish the newlyweds well.  Which was very nice.  But it did require some explaining to our daughter that I thought we weren’t going to have for a few more years.

Great memories and a great trip.  I am all for my girls having destination weddings someday.

How about you?  You ever been to a destination wedding?  Anything interesting happen?

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Dry Guy Andy