I'm Into Fitness....Fitness Whole Box Of Cookies In My Mouth!

I'm Into Fitness....Fitness Whole Box Of Cookies In My Mouth!

Important holiday discussion here people.  I’m counting down my top 5 favorite Christmas cookies.  Eating far too many calories right now but then I’ll have 4 months or so to lose some pounds before DryFins season.


#5  Magic Cookie Bars.  Coconut, chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk on a graham cracker crust.  My wife cuts them into small bars which allows me to justify eating several every time I open the box.


#4  Deli Christmas Cookies.  My wife is going to kill me for not making all 5 things she or my daughter makes, but I love the small cookie potpourri our local deli sells.  They don’t bake them there.  They come from some large Italian baking company but I can eat an embarrassing amount of them.


#3  Iced Sugar Cookie.  I grew up with wafer thin ones but my wife’s family recipe has them a bit thicker.  I feel like the mitten cutout is just the right size to allow the correct ratio of icing to cookie.


#2  Spritz.  A simple cookie that is as much a part of my childhood as watching Hermie talking about the joys of dentistry.


#1  Chocolate Covered Peanuts.  Not a cookie but it’s made at the same time as all the cookies and it sits in a tin just like they do.  I could eat ten hundred of these in one sitting.


That’s it.  The big holiday countdown.  I hope you have a fantastic Christmas.  I am off to binge watch the original Miracle on 34th Street and White Christmas. 


Dry Guy Andy