My wife is worried.  My kids are growing concerned.  I’ve started a new thing that has me living dangerously close to the edge.


I don’t take my phone with me when I run errands on Saturdays. 


I drive a thirty year old Land Cruiser so I do have a possibility of getting stuck somewhere - the thrill is real!  But after the first few times the anxiety has lessened and I can actually function without a constant tether.  I take a list of what I need on paper.  It takes me a lot longer if I am stopping at the grocery store because I can’t call my wife to ask her where something is.  But I have made it home after every excursion without a scratch.  And usually with everything I set out to get.


How about you?  Ever try a cell free Saturday?  Let me know on Facebook or Twitter (@dryfins)


Dry Guy Andy