Is Your Thermometer Broken?

Is Your Thermometer Broken?

After Vrbo-ing and staying at various motels and resorts around New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont, I’m ready to plunk down some dollars for a (small) cottage of our own.


I am big into getting to know areas and researching. So I downloaded local tv apps from those states so I can get a feel of what’s happening.


The weather right now….makes this converted southern boy a bit wary.


-20 lows with a high of 11? The ‘glass is half full’ part of me says..


“That’s a 30 degree swing”


The rest of me is..


“11 is the high?!?!”


I know - first world problems.


Maybe I need to buy a seasonal place and just be up there in the warm months….


Anyone want to rent our place in January?  Comes with use of a snow shovel at no extra charge. Bring a heavy coat.


Dry Guy Andy