Just resting my eyes....

Just resting my eyes....

Just back from a long weekend trip to Vermont.  I had all these plans to hit Lake Champlain on a kayak, make a visit to the Boyden Valley Winery and maybe grab a hike over the 3 ½ days.


I took three naps instead.


In my defense, it was in the mid 60s and raining on and off.  And we had a screen porch which was just begging to be napped on.  The sound of an early fall breeze and rain falling on the leaves was an all-natural sleep machine.


I love naps on vacation.  I think it’s my body fully relaxing and realizing that it has a chance to fill up the ‘rest tank’ a bit.  And I’m not talking cat naps.  I mean drool-on-the-pillow two hour knockouts.  Thankfully my wife likes to read so she occupies herself with that.  It worked well when the kids were younger to give us all a little recharge time.


We have friends who go-go-go all day.  I can do that at Disney or Universal on a shorter trip.  But if it’s a place where we have a rental, I’m going to utilize that space for some napping.


Anyone else nappers?  Let me know on our socials (@dryfins).


Dry Guy Andy