Low and Slow

Low and Slow

I was asked to join a competition bbq team last weekend. 


While I do know how to smoke a mean pork shoulder and I am an expert at eating, smoking ribs against 50 plus other teams is a bit out of my knowledge base.


But the promise of free food and a day hanging with friends was enough to get me out there to be the assistant to the assistant mid-smoke rib preparer – which had me in gloves rubbing in a mix of Parkay, honey and spices halfway through their cooking, before wrapping them in foil to go on to finish.


I met some great people, had a bunch of laughs and the team won 2nd place in our division. 


If you get a chance to do an event like this, I’d encourage you to sign on.  Even if you’re not winning trophies, the opportunity to do something new makes for a fun day.


Dry Guy Andy