My Favorite Burger

I like burgers.  Real beef ones.  I don’t mind the plant based protein ones but if I’m buying, I’m going traditional.

As a family we like to stop at out of the way places.  (We were all about Diners, Drive Ins and Dives before Guy started the show).  I’ve eaten in so many questionable (yet delicious) joints I can’t begin to recall my local favorite in any one place.  I can however give you my top three chain favorites.  


#3 – Five Guys

Great burger and great fries.  My secret to having more of those fries is to go cajun with them – my wife and kids like them plain so I get a whole order to myself.  I take my wins where I can get them.   (Plus my wife puts vinegar on them – what the..?)


#2 – In N Out

I love these burgers.  Whenever I travel to LA it’s my first stop post rental car pickup.  There’s one right there on Sepulveda and I eat my double double with fries (animal style) as I watch planes land at LAX.  I think the fact that I can’t get them back east and the incredible So Cal weather adds some flavor for me but still a can’t miss.


#1 – Shake Shack

The first one I ever ate was in the Grand Central Terminal in NYC.  I had read about them and tracked it down when I was in the city on business a few years ago.  The melty cheese, crispy meat and the great bun, along with crinkle fries (yes!) makes this my hands down number one favorite.   My youngest daughter agrees.  I was stoked when they added locations near us and it was a go-to during the spring/summer of 2020 to get us out of the house.  Car picnics make for great time together.


So you’re either hungry or fired up about your favorite I missed.  Let me know.  Share with me on Twitter (@dryfins) or Facebook where I should try on my next trip.


Dry Guy Andy