My First Cattle Call

My First Cattle Call

I flew on Southwest for my first time over the weekend.


I think I had been subconsciously avoiding it because I knew they didn’t do assigned seats – how do the lines work?  Will I be stuck in a middle seat?  What about my carry on - will there be room?


I don’t fly enough to have ‘status’ on any airline.  I’m brand agnostic – it’s all about the flight times and cost for me. 


I wish I could relax and just go with the flow but flying isn’t my favorite.  I’m not afraid of the actual hurtling through the air part – it’s all the stuff around it that gets my anxiety ramped up - which is why I tend to drive long distances when I travel.


But I had a quick solo trip to visit my daughter at college and Southwest was way cheaper so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to step out there and try something new.  It turned out way better than I ever expected.


First off, spend the money to get yourself to be in group A to board.  You get to pick any seat you want.  So boarding in A means I was one of the first 60 onto a plane that holds 170 or so.  That got me an aisle seat and a spot to put my bag right overhead.


What I liked best was a more laid back atmosphere.  Staff was great and there weren’t any egos among passengers – we all know we’re there because it’s cheap(er).  I’m not sure if I would have done this when my kids were younger – lots of potential to be spread around the plane – but if the goal is to just get from one place to another, I can’t see spending additional money to do it going forward for me.


As long as it’s a direct flight…if I have to change planes I’m driving.


Dry Guy Andy