Not a Fan of Pumpkin Spice (can we still be friends?)

Not a Fan of Pumpkin Spice (can we still be friends?)

I love the summer – especially right at the beginning as school ends and the kids go to ‘summer hours’.  We’re not chasing after homework or projects, we can go get ice cream at 9 o’clock at night or grab lunch together.  There are no soccer tournaments or band practice to be at every night.  It’s just an empty calendar page rustling lightly in the breeze of a fan.


Summers seemed to last forever when I was growing up in the suburbs of Syracuse.  Endless days of bike rides, popsicles and cannonballs.  And when my kids were younger, it was similar.


Apparently adult clocks are way faster than kid clocks.  Not sure how we got to August so fast.  Football training camps are open.  Walmart not only has all the back to school supplies out, but they have already put up the display of Reece’s chocolate peanut butter pumpkins and ghosts.


I like apples and the fall colors but there are some things I still want to do this summer.  We still have almost 6 weeks left at this point!    


My advice is to enjoy these moments.  Don’t look too far ahead.  We’ll be hearing Christmas music before you know it.  In September.


Dry Guy Andy