Old School

Old School

I like older things.  I think mainly because it’s stuff that has a history.  I don’t always know what the history is, so I romanticize a bit in my mind the things an old house, or a dresser or a car has seen.  I LOVE stories.


I have been restoring an old Mercury for several years now.  I bought it from the original owner’s family.  Despite updates, it’s still creaky.  And lumbering.  Though it’s a lot faster than it used to be….(why do officers hide on country roads?!?)


As I take weekend drives I think back to a time when there weren’t miles of interstate to travel on.  And you had to stop and check the oil when you got gas at a full service station.  And kids would be climbing around unbuckled in the back.  You’d pack a picnic to have on the side of the road or at a rest area.  And no Google maps (!)


Was it simpler back then?  Not to folks living it.  It’s only with looking back do we see where we’ve come from.  It’s why I like simpler vacations I think.  A cabin on a lake.  A road trip to see off the beaten path ‘attractions’ (Dinosaur Land in White Post, Virginia!). 


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Dry Guy Andy