Only In Your State

Only In Your State

I’ve become obsessed with the ‘Only In Your State’ posts on Facebook.


They have amazing click-bait titles like…


12 Bucket List Worthy Restaurants to Try in South Carolina

Underneath Columbia, South Carolina Lies A Creepy Yet Amazing Series Of Secret Tunnels

There’s No Other Place in South Carolina Quite Like this White Sandstone Beach


Tell me more!  Where are these magical places I have never visited?!


So now I’m building road trips based on these off beat mentions – and we are using it to plan our New England road trip this summer.


I have expectations of being slightly underwhelmed more than once – but that’s ok!  It’ll be worth it to track down the only authentic Polish bakery in New Hampshire.


Dry Guy Andy


BTW - that's Old Sheldon Church in South Carolina - on the must visit list!