People's Day

People's Day

My wife and I want to add a new day on the calendar.


We call it People’s Day.


 An extra day to a weekend where we have nothing to do.  No soccer games, no band competitions or lawn mowing.  We just sleep in a bit, hang out and go nowhere.  I’m not sure of the mechanics of adding a day to the official calendar…(Friday, Saturday, Sunday, People’s Day, Monday?)…but I’m pretty sure that won’t jibe up with rotations around the sun and equinoxes and such.


We often laugh about days before kids.  What did we do on the weekends?  I can’t remember TBH.  It was probably two days of ‘People’s Day’.  But now it’s constant movement.  Which is ok.  We signed up for this and love supporting our kids.  But as much as I’m generally uncomfortable having nothing to do, I’d like an extra day once a month where we just veg out.


Maybe I can add a monthly People’s Day to the DryFins company calendar.  A day where we all just take a collective day and do nothing.  That might be a starting point.  (Note to self – turn off email).


How about you?  Are you on board with ‘People’s Day’?