Roll Down Your Window!

Roll Down Your Window!

What is the age cutoff to remember rolling down your car window - like with an actual crank?  My kids have seen it in some of the old cars I work on, but that term is definitely age defining.


Nowadays, everyone has AC in their car.  We didn’t in our family car growing up; we had what we called 4-55 air conditioning – four windows rolled down at 55 miles per hour.  I was on a trip back from my parent’s house a few weekends ago and drove for 50 minutes on the highway with all four windows down enjoying the wind.  This was late May so the temps here in the Carolinas were in the low 80s.  Just me, the radio and my arm resting on the door.


In all the traffic, I noticed I was one of the very few enjoying the day.  Of course, I wouldn’t have been doing it if my wife had been in the car – she likes her air nicely conditioned.  But I love the outside air!  My friend Jeff is the same way.  He likes the windows down, his wife wants ‘em up.  He and I were working on a project at his house a few weeks ago and he was thrilled to be able to run to the home improvement store with me with windows down.


Are we outliers?  Is wind whipping thru the car and sticking your hand out the window to play in the air stream a lost way to kill time on the road?  I get it – it’s noisy, your hair gets messed up and no one really wants the mismatched tan you get from one arm in the sun, one arm on the wheel.  But I still like it!  At least until it gets to be July and August down here….


Dry Guy Andy