Shop at Gimbels

Shop at Gimbels

(insider reference to my fav Christmas movie - Miracle on 34th Street)


When I used to work in radio, I had a boss who wouldn’t give away TVs because he didn’t want to give listeners any competing media that would take away from their listening.  Which to me was silly, because we can watch TV AND listen to the radio AND read AND….you get the idea.


I share this story because I am about to advocate for you to shop local this holiday.


Look, we’d love it if you gave everyone on your list a pair of DryFins.  But the reality is your sister or mom probably won’t appreciate that like you would.  And to be honest, there are a ton of small vendors near you that make some amazing things.


I’ve got a friend here in the Charlotte area that brews up the best bbq sauce I’ve ever had.  And we found some really cool handmade things at the bazaar they had at the high school this past weekend.  We have a friend whose 4th grade son makes beautiful charcuterie boards out of old growth logs.  Our local farmers market has a retired couple who sells a spice blend for popcorn.  All of these are unique gifts that will not only be appreciated by the receiver, but are helping people in your community.


In years past I overlooked my local resources – not this year.  Take a look around and see what you might be missing.  And share it with your friends and family this holiday.


Dry Guy Andy