Sight (sic) Seeing

Sight (sic) Seeing

In general I’m not a judgmental guy.  You do you.


HOWEVER - I’ve seen some things on our travels over the years that struck me as…unusual…. 


Last year I saw a family with a microwave on their luggage cart at a Kalahari Resort.  I get the convenience of a microwave – especially with kids.  I’m just not going to unplug mine from our kitchen and find space for it in the back of the SUV.  No microwave popcorn or Hot Pockets for you.  Here’s a Kind Bar. 


A few years ago at the beach a family brought a Fry Daddy and cooked fish out in the hallway of the condo we were renting.  Who doesn’t like to eat seafood while you’re at the beach?  But cooking it in the hallway outside your front door of a high rise condo was a little much.  The smoke and fish smell hung around for a while.


A lady walked into the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island with a recyclable Walmart shopping bag.  Ok, that was my family.  We were like the Clampett’s showing up to use the cement pond.  It was on spring break a few years ago and I had gotten a killer deal on the room.  We went to check in and the valet guys took all our stuff – but the room wasn’t ready.  So there we were walking around with a Walmart bag of snacks…clearly out of our element.  We found some chairs off to the side and bought our kids 20 dollar ice cream.  They’re probably still talking about us.


Would love to hear any stories you have about odd sightings on vacation – unless you saw us at the Ritz.  I don’t need any reminders of that…


Dry Guy Andy