Small Batch Obsession

Small Batch Obsession

I’ve got a thing about locally produced food items. 


I like ones around me, sure - but I obsess about ones where you live.  FOMO!


I love visiting new places and eating at the local burger/wing/ice cream joints.  But I’m now scouring stores for local soda, beer and snack brands when I roll into towns.. 


I just discovered Ale8 on a trip to Kentucky.  Cherry Ale8 is now a fav – as long as I don’t look at the ‘added sugar’ part on the label.


I’ve stood in line for Heady Topper beer in Stowe, Vermont


I buy pies from roadside stands in New Hampshire.


And now I discovered Goldbelly, which allows me to buy things from all over and they mail it right to my door. 


I prefer to eat it where it’s made though.  I love to travel, and when I do I love to dig in locally. 


Got some local favs where you live?  Share them with me on Facebook, Twitter or IG so I can add them to my growing list.


Dry Guy Andy