Snapshots from my Weather App

Snapshots from my Weather App

My phone’s weather app is a historical record of sorts. 


Every time we have impending family travel I add the location to the app so I can do a quick glance as needed. But I realized this morning that I don’t ever remove cities.


So I have Edinburgh from a trip my wife and daughter took to Scotland in 2019, Dallas from a Cowboys game last year, St. Thomas from several trips with friends (that one is hard to look at in the winter) and the latest add is the city my daughter is attending college.  


My most random one (I think) is Paul Smiths, NY.  We visited the school there with our youngest daughter a few years ago and we like to track their winter weather from here just for fun (lots of days with the minus sign in front of the temp).


All these are like flipping through pictures for me - quick reminders of some great trips.


How about you?  Do you keep travel weather info around or do you clean it up?  Do you have anything on your phone that reminds you of great trips beyond the picture roll?  Let me know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@dryfins)


Dry Guy Andy