The Anti-Social Soccer Parent

I do not socialize at my kid’s soccer games.  Not because I don’t like people, but I don’t like the way many parents get at youth sports games.  Lots of yelling and coaching.  Even yelling at the opposing teams parents. (!) 


So you’ll find me down in the corner by the flag all by myself. 


My wife is a bit more tolerant of the noise and sits close to the parent group.  Her secret to success was something she found a few years ago from Glennon Doyle who was trying to keep soccer superstar Abby Wambach from ‘helping’ at her kids’ games.  She takes a bag of Dum Dum lollipops with hands them out.  With a lollipop in their mouth, parents (and Abby) find it’s hard to yell.


Might be worth a try if you get worn out on the intensity like I do.


Do you have any secrets to share on helping youth sports parents?  Would love to hear them on our Twitter (@dryfins) or Facebook pages.


Have a great day!


Dry Guy Andy