Too Many Tabs!

Too Many Tabs!

I ‘m having a browser issue today.


I currently have 11 browser tabs open on my phone, 7 on my tablet and 4 on my laptop.


A selection of the ones on my phone…

  • The best way to grill salmon,
  • A YouTube video with Simon Sinek,
  • A step by step guide to building my own shutters
  • The order page for Maine lobster rolls
  • A link to buy the book The Spy and The Traitor


A number of them have been open for weeks.  I guess I’m saving them to find later?  Is there an app for that?  I guess ‘bookmark’ but then I’ll never find them in that mess.  Or I’ll forget I put something there. 


I’d love to see some piece of software where I could save those tabs and organize them easily.  Maybe by category - does that exist?  If so, let me know!  I need to organize myself.  Or maybe the answer is to just stop procrastinating and buy the Lobster rolls, order the book, watch the video, finish up those shutters and close out of the rest.  Then I’ll just have the salmon recipe tab.   That’s a workable number.


Dry Guy Andy