Turn Up the Smooth!

Turn Up the Smooth!

I am an unashamed fan of yacht rock.  (For those who haven’t discovered this smooth music yet, it’s soft rock from the 70s and early 80s.)


Recently as a guest DJ on Sirius/XM Yacht Rock Radio I got to pick a few of my favorites to play. My list included Sweet Freedom from Michael McDonald, Thunder Island from Jay Ferguson and Southern Cross from Crosby, Stills and Nash.  The vibe of the music just pairs so well with warm summer days.  I love it on road trips to the beach or sitting in the sun by the pool. 


It’s weird to be a fan of this now because as a kid this was the boring music my mom listened to.  I was a rocker!  Give me the new Rush or Van Halen cassette.  But now as a grown up (kinda), I can appreciate the smooth, relaxed sound.  A direct dichotomy from the chaos of being a parent and Dry Guy.


Though I have to tell you, there are some racy themes in these songs.  I had no idea Afternoon Delight was about…well…just listen to it as an adult if you haven’t.  Or the Pina Colada song – looking for a hook up in a newspaper ad!


So go find a playlist on your favorite streaming service or tune into Yacht Rock Radio on SXM this weekend and soak in Christopher Cross, Starland Vocal Band, How Long from Ace and Lido from Boz Skaggs. And share some of your favorite songs with me on Facebook.


Dry Guy Andy