Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle

I went to see Guns N Roses last week with some friends. 


I wore out my Appetite for Destruction cassette back in the day – mostly in my Walkman on the way to sporting events on the team bus.  I never got to see them live though.  This time, we did it as (lucky) grownups do – we watched it from my friend Joe’s company suite.  Best feature – dedicated bathroom.


Axl sounded….59.  But that nostalgia trip is something.  Watching Slash do endless solos and hearing those songs took us all back.  Of course when you go to a concert now, everyone is recording it with their phone.  Not sure if anyone actually goes back and watches what they’ve captured…


I enjoyed soaking in the moment.  Spending time with friends, listening to great music.  I didn’t realize how much I missed that last year.  If only we could have driven home in my car from high school with the Alpine blasting…


Dry Guy Andy