What's with the third pedal, Dad?

What's with the third pedal, Dad?

Finally got my new Ford Bronco delivered last week.  We are loving it so far – even if the weather is now too cold to enjoy top off driving.


I’m stoked to not only accessorize – why yes, I did order a custom rear wheel cover with a DryFins logo – but also get back to driving a manual transmission.  Having to explain what this is in theory to my two teenage daughters has been a bit tough.  Now that it’s here and they can see it in action, they think it’s as magical as the roll down windows in my old Mercury.


We joke it’s the best theft-deterrent system out there today.  But it also forces you to get back to paying attention when you drive.  No one hand on the wheel, one holding a drink (or worse YOUR PHONE!).  You have to shift when you make turns, or downshift if someone in front of you slows down.  I like being connected more to the driving.


So far, only one stall and several successful start-offs when on a hill. 


After I teach my girls to drive it I will show them the magic of popping the clutch to start it when the battery is dead.  Fatherhood is the best.


Dry Guy Andy