'Winging' it....

'Winging' it....

Fresh off the Super Bowl, I have to tell you the best thing on my game-day plate were the cauliflower wings.


I can tell by the look on your face that you aren’t familiar.


You take cauliflower, bread it, throw it in the air fryer and then toss it in wing sauce.


No, I’m serious.


When my 14 year old decided meat wasn’t for her anymore, her mom and I were trying to figure out menus.  We started out cooking things for her and then ‘regular’ stuff for us, but the options for her were pretty tasty so we’ve now made the adjustment for all of us.


Which is when we found cauliflower wings.  Treat ‘em just like regular wings.  Dip in ranch (or blue cheese).  I’m not sure if they are ‘better’ for us than regular, though mentally I feel like I’ve eaten healthier afterwards.


I haven’t given up on meat totally, but we are consuming a lot less of it, and mixing in a lot more fresh fruit.  Feeling pretty good.   Dropping a few L-Bs for upcoming DryFins season…


Dry Guy Andy