Winter Storm Izzy Donuts

Winter Storm Izzy Donuts

I am not a fan of snow.  And we got a bunch of it over the weekend.  I live in a town that does not own a plow.  So unprepared are we that I’m not even sure they have an ice scraper for the mayor’s car.


So school is closed for a few days to allow things to melt.  That’s how we clear things up down south.  And I’ve got to swap out shorts for pants (maybe). 


I have two highlights from the storm:


  • I love how quiet it gets when snow blankets things.
  • I took my 14 year old over to the high school parking lot to do donuts in our truck. #dadoftheyear


I hope your winter is good wherever you are and you can feel spring slowly coming towards us.  I can’t wait to get back out in a kayak and feel the warm sun!


Btw – favorite donut – what’s yours?  I’m going with the ones I did in the parking lot (EPIC) followed by the peanut donut that Wegman’s makes.  I drive three and a half hours to buy every one the store has made that day and then freeze them to be able pull out as a treat for months.  Obsessed?  Who me?  (@dryfins on IG, and Twitter) 


Dry Guy Andy