3 Reasons to Wear Compression Lined Swim Trunks

3 Reasons to Wear Compression Lined Swim Trunks

Level Up Your Summer Gear

Need a good reason to wear compression lined swim trunks? They prevent chafing, provide comfort, and improve mobility—what more do you need? Many of today’s trunks feature innovative, sewn-in liners that guard against friction and painful skin irritations, and we’re all about taking advantage of that. Check out more information on how this gear can help you improve your quality of life.

Prevents Chafing

One of the main reasons why you should wear compression lined swim trunks is because they help prevent chafing better than other types of clothing. These trunks are super soft, look great wet or dry, and have a sewn-in liner that prevents men from experiencing rashes, skin irritation, and chafing. According to WebMD, there are a number of things you can do to halt a chafing rash in its tracks. The first is to stay dry since wet skin can make chafing worse. The second thing you can do is to dress in the right clothing when staying active like wearing proper fitted clothes such as compression shorts or moisture wicking clothes. The final thing you can do is apply lubricants like petroleum jelly, oil, or lotion to hot spot areas where the skin and clothes will usually rub together.


Another reason why you should wear compression lined swim trunks is because they help provide comfort. DryFins anti-chafe swim trunks are equipped with a protective inside liner layer so you can say goodbye to uncomfortable chafing and look good while doing it. Plus, these compression lined swim trunks don’t move around as much as traditional loose netting or mesh, and they don’t trap things like sand as easily.


When you’re constantly moving and keeping active, your body usually tends to sweat more in areas with hair like the armpit, groin, and thighs. These areas attract moisture, which in combination with the movement of the clothes on your body, can cause an irritating flare up on the skin which can lead to rashes or chafing. It’s no secret that this will impact your mobility, too. So to combat this, wear compression lined swim trunks to avoid inflammation and increase mobility. Understanding your body and what types of fabrics and activities irritate your skin can greatly impact or improve your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have burning questions about compression lined swim trunks—no pun intended—check out our answers to the most common puzzlers.

Why do guys wear compression liners under their swim trunks?

Most guys wear compression liners under their swim trunks to protect everything—it’s more than traditional loose netting or mesh can offer. And, many wear them to prevent chafing and enhance comfort.

Should I cut the netting in my swim trunks?

The netting in most swim trunks is a bad effort at replicating brief-style underwear. Since the messy mesh and irritating, hole-riddled fabric liner tends to trap uncomfortable bits of sand or pebbles, they often lead to extreme cases of chafing. Many believe that a solution to this problem is cutting the netting out, however, the best option is to just get chafe-free compression lined swim trunks.

What is the lining in swim trunks for?

There are three types of linings in swim trunks: mesh, netting, and compression liners. All of them are created for covering and protecting sensitive areas, and are traditionally made from materials like polyester. However, oftentimes, they do the opposite and actually increase the risk of chafing, so it’s best to go for swim trunks with chafe-free liners that are securely sewn-in and wick away moisture.

Can you wear compression shorts under swim trunks?

Yes, you can easily wear compression shorts under swim trunks. In fact, many people do this to reduce the friction caused by rubbing clothes on exposed thighs which helps prevent chafing, rashes, and skin irritation or inflammation.

Overall, we have discussed the three reasons why you should wear compression lined swimming trunks because they increase mobility, provide comfort, and prevent chafing. If you’re interested in other ways you can help yourself stay comfortable, check out our blog for more information on the key to chafe-free clothes, or discover different types of swim trunks with liners to find a cut and style that suits you.

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