5 Things We’ll Miss About Summer

It's More Than Just Our Anti-Chafing Swim Shorts

Summer is officially coming to an end—and as beach lovers and pool-goers, we couldn’t be more upset about it. Of course, there’s always opportunities to enjoy the water in the fall and winter on vacation or at an indoor water park, but we’re going to miss the long days, scorching sun, and outdoor barbeques. As cooler weather greets us, it’s tough to say goodbye to our anti-chafing swim shorts, flip flops, and tan lines. As an ode to our favorite season—here are the things we will miss the most about summer.

1.) Endless Days of Sunshine

The days seem to last forever in the summer—we love that it’s light out until well past 8 p.m. in the middle of July. Nothing is worse than coming home from work in the winter and having one hour of light until winter’s cold, dark sky greets you at 6 p.m. sharp. We prefer the evenings spent wading poolside after dinner with the sunset patiently waiting to dim until we’re ready to go inside. We prefer changing into our anti-chafing swim shorts after a hard day’s work and jumping in the pool with the family to unwind. What could be better?

2.) Backyard Barbecues

Can you smell that? It’s the sweet aroma of a backyard barbeque and cheesy dad jokes coming from the grill master himself. We’ll miss slapping some burgers and hotdogs on the grill for a backyard get together with friends and family. There’s plenty of space for the kids to run and play—pretty soon we’ll be reminding them to use their indoor voices. Plus, nothing compares to the taste of dinner on the grill. A mouthwatering burger, delicious barbeque chicken, and grilled veggies? Count us in.

3.) No School

If you’re a student, odds are you love summer—and if you’re a parent, odds are you don’t miss waking up early to pack lunches and backpacks, or staying up late to help with homework. When school is out, there’s less structure and more time for fun. A long weekend trip, a late night dinner, and a sunny day spent in the pool wearing our anti-chafing swim shorts are much easier to do when the kids aren’t in school.

4.) Ice Cream Trucks

Our favorite sound—the sound of the ice cream truck rounding the corner of our street, begging us to line up and savor a sweet treat. Kids and adults alike look forward to lining up and handing over a few dollars for a midday snack—Choco Tacos, ice cream sandwiches, Bomb Pops—don’t even get us started. Luckily, we can just loosen our drawstrings on our anti-chafing swim shorts if we eat too much.

5.) Summer Wardrobes

There’s nothing quite like walking out of the house with nothing but a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and some flip flops. No more layering or fighting the zipper on your ridiculously bulky, Michelin Man-style coat. If you’re like us, you often just opt to wear a pair of anti-chafing swim shorts as your daily outfit—that is, if you’re planning on doing nothing but laying on a raft all day. I mean, that’s what we would do.

If you’re anything like us, you hate saying goodbye to summer. You dread the short, dark days that lie ahead and the early mornings up with the kids. You despise packing away your summer wardrobe and stocking up on your own ice cream. We think the only thing that brings us hope is buying DryFins’ gear to get ready for next season. Until then, for our fellow summer-lovers, try to stay calm and look ahead to brighter, sunnier days.

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