7 Trunk Colors For 7 Different Guys

Different strokes for different folks—that’s the old saying. And as we say, different trunks for different chaps. Well, chaps as in men—not the chafe kind of chapped. You get the idea. While creating our collection of chafe-free, cool swim trunks, we wanted to make sure there was a color for every guy. Whether he’s a classic guy who likes a classic color, or the kind of dude who likes to sport crazy socks or boxers under his business clothes, we’ve got something for them. Follow along as we break down what your average classic blue guy is like, or what tiki print Tom is probably into—and maybe even discover what color is right for you!

1. Classic Blue

Don’t be fooled—just because a guy is wearing our classic blue trunks doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an appreciation for a pair of cool swim trunks. Someone wearing the classic blue trunks is looking for a solid, neutral color that pairs well with any t-shirt they can find when they hop out of the pool and onto grill duty. They want something versatile, yet colorful—a resourceful man who is always looking for the best bang for their buck—and something that matches their shirt that says “World’s Best Dad.”

2. Classic Red

Much like Mr. Classic Blue, any guy flaunting a pair of classic red chafe-free swim trunks is looking for comfort and versatility—and maybe a splash of intense color. These cool swim trunks let guys add a pop of color to their poolside ensemble, and it represents a serious power move. Did you know that red symbolizes power, energy, and passion? Maybe for him it means the power and energy to keep up with never-ending games of catch with the kids, and the passion for a good day on the water.

3. Classic Green

Hello, guy in the bright green swimsuit. You’re probably looking for a solid, but colorful pair of trunks that let you stand out on a beach full of black bathing suit-wearing guys. After all, you want the kids to be able to find you so they can nag you for a snack! Green represents security, growth, luck and balance—all great qualities to embody when you’re wearing these cool swim trunks.

4. Tortuga

Did someone say tortuga? Our teal-colored trunks for men are a great option for guys who like playful colors that are deeper and more subdued. This awesome mix of blue and green brings together the best of both worlds for those of us who can’t decide between classic blue and classic green—I mean how could you? We’re dedicating the tortuga trunks to those who can’t make up their minds—not always a bad problem to have.

5. Midnight Swim

We like to picture Mr. Midnight Swim as tall, dark, and handsome—he probably shares a lot of qualities with that Most Interesting Guy in the World character. He enjoys night swimming, prefers cocktails to beer, and he might even have a beard and a snazzy haircut. These cool swim trunks are reserved for those guys—or maybe, guys who want to be more like them—we won’t tell which is which.

6. Classic Tiki Print

Grab a piña colada and hit the beach tunes, because the tiki print wearer is here and he’s ready to get the party started. He loves the summer, as you can see on his amazing, hawaiin-shirt inspired, chafe-free trunks, and he loves to flaunt it. He knows a pair of cool swim trunks when he sees them, and he wants to show the world. Most likely the jokester of the bunch, this guy will have you laughing so hard, you might wish you tied your drawstring tighter. 

7. Angry Jelly 

And last but not least, any guy spotted wearing our new Angry Jelly swim trunk pattern is sure to be brave, bold, and daring. He’s the kind of guy who would swim way past the point when lifeguards start blowing their whistles—unafraid of the creatures who might lurk beneath (although we definitely don’t recommend doing so). With these trunks in tow, this guy is ready to tackle any deep sea adventure.

No matter what your style is, the DryGuys have something for you. Whether you’re into classic solids, or you like to flaunt a piece of flair, discover our full collection of chafe-free swim trunks for men.

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