8 of The Best Gifts for Kids | DryFins

8 of The Best Gifts for Kids | DryFins

8 of the Best Gifts for Kids of All Ages

With Christmas right around the corner, finding the best Christmas gifts for kids can be challenging. With questions about work, school, remote learning and no one knowing what’s coming in 2022, it’s hard to tell what a good gift might be. What will they like tomorrow? What’s trending in 2022? And, how long will it be before they lose interest and that money is wasted?

These are great questions, and we don’t have all the answers. 

But, we have some gift ideas that’ll keep kids of all ages engaged longer, and that they’re sure to enjoy! And let’s be honest, the best gifts we can give our kids are the ones we can play with, or benefit from, too!

Check out our top 8 choices for gifts that your kids, young or old, are sure to enjoy!

1. Swim Trunks
We’re biased here, but we think that our swim trunks are one of the best gifts for boys! Why? Well, whether it’s an indoor pool in the winter or riding the ocean waves during the summer, boys love to be in the water. A pair of compression-lined swim shorts, like our jellyfish print swim trunks, is an ideal gift. Our men’s swim trunks make a great gift for college kids, too!

2. LED Light-Up Gloves
The best gifts for kids are the ones you can play with, too! If your hand fits in the glove, that is. We love light-up gloves because it keeps you entertained indoors when there are inches of snow on the ground and not a warm beach in sight. They are also great if you want to enjoy the beach in the evening and keep bored kids entertained as you enjoy peaceful rolling waves.

3. Walkie-Talkie Robot
Did you play with a remote control car as a kid? Imagine a remote control robot! Kids of all ages will love their own wireless remote control robot. It’s ideal for playing indoors during colder months, and it also works fine on patios and decks when it’s time to grill out, be a beach bum or take in that lake life. An ideal Christmas gift for kids, boys and girls (and grown-ups, if we’re honest) will love this!

4. Instant Print Camera
Instant print cameras are one of the best gifts for kids—and not just the younger ones! College kids and even adults can get a lot of value from a camera like this. Ideal for your next beach vacation, busy dorm life or what promises to be an unforgettable road trip, instant print cameras capture a moment, and then a minute later, you have it as a picture right in your hand, immortalized on paper.

5. Board Games
Board games, in general, are a big win for kids. Not only can they be entertaining and challenging, but they’re also something the whole family can do together. Some board games are versatile too, like a scavenger hunt! The one we’re thinking about, Family Scavenger Hunt by Outset, provides a set of indoor activities and an outdoor set, and even cards for adults and a separate one for kids.

6. Legos
Legos are a classic, and even today, they are still one of the best gifts for kids that you can give. Big or small, a kit or not, legos are loved by kids of all ages. Even adults still enjoy making their own creations or using kits to build awesome things, like the Star Wars Death Star. So, whether your kid is ten, twenty or you lie at the toy store so people don’t know you’re just shopping for yourself, you can’t go wrong with legos!

7. Rash Guard Swim Shirt
One of our favorite things about the beach is the ocean, hot sand between our toes, and a cool drink. What isn’t fun? Sunburns. Grab the kids in your life one of our swim shirts! We’ve got long-sleeved and short-sleeved swim shirts, and they are all designed to wick away moisture and keep kids comfortable at the beach, lake or anytime they are going to be working up a sweat.

8. Noise-Canceling Headphones
While younger kids may not appreciate these as much, noise-canceling headphones are one of the best gifts for college kids. Between music, gaming and online classes, there is a lot of noise in college dorms. These headphones help kids, teens, and young adults stay focused and block out the sometimes not-too-quiet ambiance. They are a gift for you too, as they can block out excess noise for more peace and quiet!

Whether you’re shopping for your kids, grandkids, siblings or yourself, we’re sure that you found something on this list that’ll be a winner with the kid in your life. Before jumping into last-minute holiday shopping, why not look at some of our other products? We’re more than just swim trunks and swim shirts. We have accessories too! You can even get a DryFins e-gift card to satisfy those hard-to-buy for family members.

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