Chafing Treatment

How to Treat Chafing

We’ve all experienced’s not fun or comfortable. You probably suffered from chafing before you purchased your first DryFins suit, but it’s still important to know how to treat chafing for the future. Chafing can happen during activities besides swimming, like running or cycling. Below are our top chafing treatments to ease the pain and get you back to normal.


  1. Dress Right

Wear snug but not overly tight workout shorts. Look for seamless shorts for additional comfort. Pair this step with step 2 for ultimate chafe prevention.

  1. Anti-Chafing Products

Walkers, runners, and cyclists choose a variety of anti-chafing lubricants to keep the skin areas sliding together instead of rubbing. This is a crucial step to prevent chafing.


  1. Cleanse

First, cleanse the area in the shower using gentle circular motions with a mild non-astringent cleanser and warm water. Once you’re out of the shower, pat dry softly and be careful not to irritate the skin further.

  1. Moisturize

Use a non-fragrant comedogenic moisturizer and gently massage into the skin. Then, let it air dry. Moisturizers that are more organic and natural are best for your skin to ensure they don’t irritate it further.

  1. Care

Remember, chafing is a wound and should be treated as such. Avoid motions that originally caused the chafing, be conscious of the area, and move with caution. If you continue to irritate the area, it can lead to infections, especially in hot or humid weather. If you don’t see any improvements or changes, you may need to visit the doctor.

  1. Protect

No one likes chafing. Always protect your skin and wear proper clothing so you don’t have to search for chafing treatments in the first place! Always buy the right kind of bathing suits, like DryFins swim trunks for Men or Boys. Our swimwear has a soft outer shell that’s great to wear in the pool or out on the beach – and won’t cause chafing!

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